Ice Melt Products, Winter Supplies – Mercer, Burlington, Somerset

winter supplies and ice melt products - Mercer, Burlington, Somerset

For more than 50 years, homeowners and contractors across Central New Jersey have counted on Yardville Supply to keep their streets, steps and sidewalks clear when winter storms strike.

Our ice melt products* include:

  • Rock salt – Always a reliable choice, but only when temperatures stay above 20 degrees.
  • Calcium chloride – If it’s too cold for rock salt, calcium chloride will be able to create a safe pathway on your property, generating heat and absorbing moisture after it’s spread.
  • Magnesium chloride – Effective at temperatures as low as 15 degrees below zero, it’s less corrosive and less harmful to vegetation and walkways.
  • ProSlicer – A relatively new addition to our de-icing family, this is a rock salt that’s treated with liquid calcium and a corn byproduct that eliminates the bounce usually associated with dry rock salt. It’s also purple, allowing you to see where you spread it.

Whether you need 9-pound jug, a pallet or an entire truck-load of material, we are well stocked and ready to meet your needs.

We also know how tough salted roads and walkways can be for our four-legged companions, which is why we always make sure to carry pet-safe ice melt products.

Don’t let winter catch you off guard: visit us today to stock up on winter supplies and ice melt products. Yardville Supply serves contractors and homeowners across Mercer, Burlington and Somerset Counties.

And remember: No matter what size the storm, Yardville Supply is always open.

*Deicing products should not be used on concrete surfaces less than one year old.

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