Pool Supplies


There’s nothing quite like diving into a clear, refreshing pool at the end of a long summer day. But keeping a pool clean and clear takes work, which is why it’s important to know you have access to the best, most effective pool supplies.

Our Smith’s ACE Hardware stores are your source for swimming pool chemicals and equipment.

Our product selection includes:

hth Pool Care Products

hth (“Here to Help”) makes a variety of products to help keep your pool clean and clear, including:

  • hth Chlorinating Chemicals – Designed to protect your pool against bacteria, algae and other organisms, these tablets protect against chlorine loss in direct sunlight and can be used in feeders, floaters and skimmers.
  • hth Super Shock – Give your pool a chlorine boost that keeps your water clean while also killing off unwanted algae and bacteria. It reduces chlorine odor and eye irritation while making your pool crystal clear.
  • hth Six-Way Test Kit – This test looks at the pool’s total chlorine level, bromine, pH, alkalinity total hardness and cyanuric acid.
  • hth Pool Care Kit – This start-up and maintenance is conveniently packaged and easy to use, featuring test strips, sanitizer and a shock product.
  • hth Algae Guard – Carried into pools by wind, dust storms and rain, algae can cause your water to become cloudy, slimy and foul-smelling. This algaecide prevents and kills algae, with a single treatment preventing algae growth for up to three months.
  • hth Blue Sparkle Chlorinating Sanitizer – Available in two varieties, stabilized and non-stabilized. Non-stabilized tabs contain known cyanuric acid, a substance that can render your pool’s chlorine ineffective.

Pool salt

In addition to these chemicals, we also sell pool salt for homeowners who’ve had a saltwater conversion performed on their swimming pools.

When you hear “saltwater pool,” you might picture swimming in what feels like ocean water, only in your backyard, but with a saltwater pool, you’re only getting a fraction of the salt you’d experience in the ocean. While the salinity is barely noticeable, these pools require a lot less maintenance than a traditional chlorine pool and – once the conversion is complete – require you to spend a lot less money.

We sell salt from major brands such as Morton and Cargill. These salts are all-natural, high in purity, easy to use, and dissolve quickly so you can spend less time maintaining your pool and more time enjoying it.


You can find pool chemicals in homeowner-friendly quantities at our ACE stores or buy in bulk at our supply yard, where you’ll find 50 lb. bags designed for larger pools.

Whether you’re a contractor who’s responsible for several large, commercial pools or a homeowner who’s looking forward to swimming in clear, clean water, we have the products and the expertise you need to make your pool look its best.