Stihl Power Tools: Gas and Electric

Stihl Electric Tools (Battery-Powered)

Yardville Supply carries Stihl battery-powered tools at all six of its ACE Hardware stores. This line of tools features three tiers of performance, so you can find the right type of product for your needs.

Man with Stihl power tool chainsaw

  • The AI Series – Ideal for smaller projects, the AI Battery series features an integrated battery that plugs directly into the wall. This series includes weed-whackers, hedge trimmers and leave blowers, perfect for quick jobs around smaller yards and condominiums.
  • The AK Series – The marriage of exceptional value and exceptional power brings us the AK Battery series, featuring blowers, mowers, trimmers and chainsaws, all of them ideal for frequent use around suburban backyards.
  • The AP Series – Great for extensive use on a wide range of properties, you’ll get professional grade power from these extended-reach trimmers, lawn mowers, pole pruners, cut-off machines and more.

Whether you’re a full-time landscaping professional or a homeowner who only needs power tools from time to time, Stihl has the tools you need to get the job done on a single charge and do perform as well as gas-powered products.

Stihl Gas Power Tools

Yardville Supply carries Stihl gas-powered tools at its stores in Yardville, Newtown and Princeton. Some of our more popular offerings include:

  • The Stihl Cutquik – Users like this cut-off machine because it’s reliable, lightweight and compact, featuring a 14-inch cutting wheel, along with an X2 air filtration system for a clean, smooth-running engine and virtually maintenance-free filters.
  • The Stihl BR 600 – The powerful, fuel-efficient engine on this backpack blower puts it at the top of the class among professional-grade blowers. It produces the highest air volume and velocity of all of Stihl’s backpack blowers but features a low-emission engine.
  • The Stihl Wood Boss – This powerful, fuel-efficient chainsaw is perfect for taking down small trees, cutting firewood or pruning and thinning. It’s environmentally friendly, easy to use but still powerful to get the job done.

Nearly a century after producing its first chainsaw, Stihl is still committed to making work easier for contractors, farmers, foresters, maintenance crews, landscapers and homeowners.

Visit Yardville Supply today, where our experts can work with you to find the Stihl tools to help you complete your next project.

The Story of Stihl

The story of Stihl began nearly 100 years ago when founder Andreas Stihl began looking for a way to make forestry work easier.

His search led to the creation of the first two-person electric saw, a game changer for the forestry world.

And since that first chainsaw left the factory more than 90 years ago, the name Stihl has remained synonymous with amazing innovations, top-quality tools, and comprehensive service.

Over the years, they’ve evolved from a company that makes chainsaws to a market leader, manufacturing trimmers, blowers, pressure washers, lawn mowers and a host of other fine gas, electric and battery-powered tools.

Built in America and used in 90 countries around the world, Stihl is renown for its state-of-the-art manufacturing, unerring precision and commitment to quality.

Stihl and Yardville: Committed to Customer Service

“A chainsaw is only as good as its service.”

That was Andreas Stihl’s philosophy, and it’s one Stihl has applied to all of its products and it’s one we adhere to here at Yardville as well: the belief that our customers deserve service they can rely on from people they can trust.

Whether it’s fuel-powered or battery powered, Stihl products can only be found through authorized full-line Stihl servicing dealers like us, not big box stores.

(If your Stihl product happens to need service, we pride ourselves on our fast service turn around time)

Stihl continues to expand its product lineup to offer one of the widest ranges of diverse handheld gasoline, corded electric and battery-operated products available.

You won’t find STIHL on a shelf in a box. Look for in the hands of the landscaper working in your yard, on the back of a firetruck or in millions of customers’ garages and sheds all over the country and around the world.

This commitment to produced quality products sold by quality dealers is the reason Stihl has ranked as the nation’s leading brand of gasoline-powered handheld outdoor equipment among consumers and landscaping contractors alike.

We sell and service Stihl tools here at Yardville Supply and at our ACE Hardware locations in Chatham, Chester, Mercerville, and Princeton in New Jersey as well as in Newtown, PA.

Ready for your next tool? Swing by our locations in Mercer, Burlington, and Somerset County to browse our selection of gas and electric Stihl power tools.