Dustless Shrouds: Block and Paver Cutting

Dustless Technologies

dustbuddie XP action croppedVacuums are only good if you can route dust to them from the source. Dustless Technologies manufactures a variety of shrouds just for this purpose.  These shrouds are available for block and paver cutting as well as for grinding and tuck pointing operations. We carry these professional masonry tools at our Ace Hardware Store at the Yardville location. We also have dust shrouds for 5" & 7" grinders.

dustbuddie Idustbuddie III

The Dust Buddie for Flatwork in action:

The Dustbull
in Action:

Why Do I Need a Dustless Shroud?

If you're thinking about buying a new saw solely for the the included shroud--don't. Shrouds from Dustless Technologies are designed to fit most gas-powered cut off saws. 

These products are OSHA silica law compliant and capture 90% of dust. They even come equipped with polyethylene sliders, which protect the shroud and sensitive surfaces. 

Visit our Ace Hardware location in Yardville to view our selection of shrouds for block and paver cutting. 

DustBuddie and DustBull Technical Specifications

UPC: 617450400849 (DustBuddie), 617450417656 (DustBull)

Length: 21 in.

Width: 11 in.

Height: 11 in.

Weight: 6 lbs

Color: Black

Port Size: 2"

Other Product Features:

  • A wide mouth that captures dust directly from the blade
  • A universal mounting bracket
  • An industrial bungee for safe transport