Dust Vacuum: Pulse-Bac

Pulse-Bac makes HEPA silica dust vacuums for contractors and bills itself as “the home of better dust collection.” It was what founder David McCutchen had in mind when he first developed the dust vacuum more than 15 years ago.

He saw that most construction industry vacuums lost suction power as their filters became clogged with dust and debris.

David got to work in his barn with a few different ideas, but it wasn’t until he made a mistake – forgetting to hook up a pair of electrical leads – that he had a breakthrough.

This oversight actually led to a physical reaction that “pulsed” dust off the vacuum’s filter better than any previous attempt, and the Pulse-Bac dust vacuum was born.

These vacuums are vital tools for surface prep, woodworking, construction, carpentry, masonry and lead/asbestos clean-up applications. With the help of Pulse-Bac, you’ll have a dust collection solution that protects your health and increases your productivity.