Waterfall and Pond Supplies

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Whether it’s a pond, waterfall, fountain or other water feature, Yardville Supply can provide guidance for choosing the best system, pump and materials to transform your yard into a more serene space. We carry water features and pond materials from Atlantic Water Gardens and other trusted brands.

We carry pond supplies in-store to keep your pond clean and healthy, including pumps, skimmers, filters, lights and chemicals, all designed to make sure your pond or water feature is a balanced ecosystem. Visit the pond supplies section of our store to learn more.

How Can I Keep My Pond Clean?

There are many things you can do to keep your pond clean. Certain types of plants, such as those that grow leaves and flowers, can keep your water healthy. And make sure to regularly remove debris (leaves and branches) and algae from the pond’s surface.

What Kind of Fish Can I Put in a Pond?

If you want to add fish to your pond, then there are certain types of fish you should consider. For outdoor ponds, you’re going to need to select coldwater fish. There are a lot of fish to choose from, but AnimalWised.com recommends choosing koi and crucian carps if you want fish that will live for a long time.

Still have questions about pond and waterfall supplies? Drop us a line or visit one of our locations to learn more.