Landscape Edging

Mercer, Burlington, Somerset

Steel Edging:

Yardville Supply is one of the few supply yards in the area to stock steel edging. Ideal for commercial applications such as playgrounds, office parks or parking lots, steel edging provides long-term durability.  Steel  landscape edging is appropriate for landscaping when a heavy duty, functional edging product is called for.

We currently stock steel edging from Border Concepts in black in the following sizes:

  • Border King Edging,  1/4” X 5” X 16’ long   w/six stakes
  • Border Guard Edging  3/16” x 4” x 16’ long   w/six stakes
  • Border Line Edging  1/8” x 4” x 10’ long  w/four stakes
  • Other sizes/colors available as special order, minimum quantities are required.

Aluminum Edging:

Aluminum landscape edging is used when something more rigid than plastic is needed, but the demands of the environment are not so heavy duty as to require steel edging. Aluminum edging is considered more decorative than steel while offering more durability than plastic. Because aluminum is not as thick as steel, and it is easier to bend, it is appropriate in situations where the edging must curve to fit the landscape design.

We carry Curv-Rite brand aluminum edging in three finish options.

  • 2000 Series  in mill,  green, and black finishes, 4” high by 10’ long, stakes extra
  • 3000 Series  in Deco Green and Deco Black, 1/8” x 4” x 16’ long. Each length includes five stakes.

Need landscape edging for your project? Visit Yardville Supply to browse our selection of steel and aluminum edging. Yardville Supply serves contractors and homeowners across Mercer, Burlington and Somerset Counties.

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