Geotextile Fabric

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What are geotextiles?

Geotextiles are the synthetic fabrics that can make or break a project.

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  • Separation fabric is a heavy woven fabric used under paver base material to keep it from migrating into the existing soil.
  • Spun bond material is a spun fabric that would be used behind a retaining wall to allow water but not soil to pass through.
  • Geogrid is an engineered open grid product that is used to tie a wall to the existing embankment.

Is Geotextile Fabric Permeable?

Yes, which means water will pass through the fabric, creating a separation between water and soil.

Can Geotextile Fabric Stop Weeds?

If you’re tired of weeds growing between your pavers, then geotextile fabric can help suppress weed growth. By installing geotextile fabric underneath your pavers, you can keep weeds out and still allow water and nutrients to pass through.

Does Mulch Clog Geotextile Fabric? 

No. According to the SF Gate, mulch won’t clog the fabric or aide in weed growth, unless it is placed over the top of the soil. When mulch is laid directly on top of geotextile fabric, it can form an effective barrier that blocks weeds.

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