WAC Lighting: Landscape Lighting’s Best Kept Secret

WAC walkway lighting

WAC Lighting has been in business for more than 30 years, but it’s been in the past three years that this New York company has expanded into the landscape lighting sector. In that time, WAC has established themselves as a shining light in this field. In this month’s blog post, we’re going to look at some of the benefits of WAC Lighting’s landscape line.

What can WAC’s landscape lighting do for me?

There are several reasons to add lighting to your landscaping, including:

  • WAC Path lightingYou can get more use out of your backyard – Outdoor lighting allows you, your family and friends to spend more time outdoors after the sun sets.
  • You’ll make things safer – With landscape lighting, you’ll be more aware of trip hazards around your house, give visitors an easier path to your door and make it harder for burglars or vandals to sneak around your property.
  • You can show off your home – Not only can you let people see your property after dark, landscape lighting allows you to shine a light on particular areas you wish to showcase.

WAC Lighting’s landscape lighting offers all these benefits and more:


WAC tests every product in its landscape lighting selection at its nationally-recognized NVLAP, UL and ETL-certified laboratories to ensure safe, long-term performance in even the harshest environments.


Reach lumen – another way of describing brightness – ranges of 45 to 2000 with WAC Lighting’s three accent features – Mini Accent, Accent and Grand Accent. In terms of wattage, this equates to 1 to 33 watts of LED power, all achieved without needing a specialized tool to adjust brightness or beam angle. Simply twist the collar to change the angle and use a screwdriver to adjust brightness and lock in the aiming direction.

WAC LED LightNo LED diodes

With WAC Lighting, there are no LED diodes to give off the look of multiple, glaring dots of light. Instead, you’ll get the lighting quality you’d expect from an incandescent bulb without having to worry about an expensive energy bill.

Top-quality materials

WAC manufactures each product itself, working with the best corrosion and UV-resistant materials available so we can offer a 10-year-warranty we know will last.

Our materials include:

  • Marine-grade diecast stainless steel
  • Bronze stainless steel
  • Corrosion-resistant diecast aluminum
  • Bronze on aluminum
  • Black on aluminum
  • Bronze on brass
  • Natural brass
  • Diecast brass

Moon light effect WAC lightingAchieve a “moonlight” effect with Grand Accent

WAC’s Grand Accent lights are the first of their kind to deliver up to 2000 lumens of light output. Mount them in a tall tree, aim them downward and you’ll achieve a stunning moonlight effect.

Color your landscape with ilumenight

WAC’s ilumenight app lets you add some color to your landscape simply by picking up your smartphone. Whether it’s pure white, red, violet or something in between, you can achieve a rainbow of hues with the swipe of your finger.

Lighting your way

WAC Bollard LightWAC Lighting’s landscape light collection includes several options for lighting the pathways around your property, including LED deck and patio lights, LED path lights, LED step lights and LED bollards.

WAC’s bollards are IP66-rated, protected against high-pressure water jets and designed with factory-sealed watertight fixtures. Please visit our WAC Lighting product catalog to learn more.

Yardville Supply is your source of WAC Lighting

Although many New Jersey dealers sell WAC Lighting, Yardville Supply is one of only two that actually stocks their landscaping lighting selection.

That means we’re able to answer any questions you might have about WAC’s products. We use them here ourselves. You’ll find WAC landscape lights illuminating our Belgard Paver display at night.

Come see them in action. We look forward to demonstrating how WAC can make your property a brighter, better-looking place.

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