Stock Up on Winter Supplies: Calcium Chloride Ice Melt Products, Road Salt and More

Snow covered road.

Winter is almost upon us. Nighttime temperatures are in the 30s. There’s frost greeting us on our windshields in the morning. Any day now, the first snow will begin to fall.

And if there’s one thing we know about winter, it’s that the only thing worse than dealing with a snowstorm is being caught unprepared for a snowstorm.

That’s why it’s never too early to start buying up winter supplies. Stocking up on things like road salt and calcium chloride ice melt products in November can mean the difference between slippery roads and safe driving in January.

Here are some of the winter supplies we have to offer:

Winter companions

Man removing snow with a snow shovel in front of his house.Have you ever tried to buy a snow shovel after a big storm? It’s not much fun. But we’ve made it our mission to have winter tools on hand even after big box stores run out of snow shovels.

Our winter tools include:

  • The 18-inch poly shovel, featuring a wooden shaft and a D-handle. It’s the first choice among our contractors.
  • The 21-inch poly snow pusher, featuring a wooden shaft and D-handle.
  • The 18-inch Pathmaster Select shovel, with a steel shaft and D-handle.
  • The Snowcaster HD, a contractor-grade wheeled snow shovel
  • Commercial and residential saltspreaders from brands like Earthway
  • Snowblowers from Craftsman
  • Reflective and non-reflective driveway markers

Ice melt products

It’s a frustrating feeling: an ice storm hits, but you have no way of keeping your sidewalks or driveways clean and clear.

Don’t get – literally – left out in the cold this winter. We offer a wide selection of calcium chloride ice melt and other deicing products.

  • Mega Melt ProSlicer – A high performance treated rock salt, ProSlicer is treated with a liquid deicer and lowers rock salt’s freezing point, eliminating the bounce typically found when applying dry rock salt.
  • Landscaper’s Choice ice melt — Contains calcium magnesium acetate and provides a long melting life. Safe on concrete and vegetation, it offers even granulation for spreading.
  • Road Runner ice melt – A calcium chloride ice melt blend that begins melting snow and ice upon contact. More efficient than rock salt, Road Runner is safe around vegetation when used properly and works in temperatures as low as 15 degrees below zero.
  • Peladow snow and ice melt, which contains calcium chloride and releases heat to speed melting, making steps, sidewalks, driveways and parking lots safer.
  • Rock salt
  • Magnesium chloride pellets
  • Calcium chloride pellets
  • Calcium chloride flake

Products can be mixed and match for pricing, although prices and availability are subject to change due to market conditions.

Bulk material

Salt TruckIf you’re responsible for keeping the streets clear of snow and ice in your town, your school district or your homeowner’s association, you know that a simple trip to a big box hardware store to get a bag of road salt won’t suffice.

That’s where our selection of bulk winter materials comes in handy. These products include:

  • Rock salt
  • Special salt – 1,960 pounds of salt, 40 pounds of calcium chloride
  • Enhanced deicer salt – Features liquid mag and coloring agent
  • Premix – 975 pounds of salt, 25 pounds of calcium chloride ice melt, 1000 pounds of sand

Again, prices and availability may change according to market conditions. We require a one-ton minimum purchase pick-ups at our supply yard and a one-ton minimum for all bulk deliveries.

The official start of winter is less than eight weeks away and the first snowfall might happen even sooner. Don’t get stuck without the supplies you need.

For more than 50 years, Yardville Supply has provided bulk and bagged deicing products to customers throughout Central New Jersey. Visit us today to make sure you’re prepared for winter’s arrival.

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