Fall Lawn Care and Landscaping Supply Checklist

Raking Leaves


If you’ve spent all spring and summer worrying over your landscaping, it might seem like the fall presents a chance to take a break from your yard work. If that’s the case, we have some good news and some bad news.

The bad news is that you’re not off the hook. Fall’s arrival brings new responsibilities for your lawn and landscaping. The good news is tackling these jobs now will let you continue to enjoy your yard this autumn and ensure a healthy lawn this spring.

Here are seven things you should do help your landscaping and lawn look their best this season.

Branch pruning in Autumn1. Clean up your yard

When people think of fall clean-up duties, they mostly think of raking leaves. And this is important work, helping you prevent disease and insect damage. But don’t forget also to move dead branches and prune your trees and shrubs.

2. One last mow

Once it’s time to mow your lawn for the final time of the season, set the blades on your mower to the lowest setting. This will prevent diseases from thriving during the winter, as they have a tougher time festering in shorter grass.

3. Keep watering

Sprinkler watering lawn in Autumn

Although fall often brings cooler weather and more rain, it may not be enough to keep your grass hydrated heading into the winter.

Your lawn needs at least an inch of water each week. If the rain isn’t providing that water, try to keep your sprinkler system going until the end of October.

Once October is over, make sure you’ve disconnected your hoses and flushed out the irrigation system to keep pipes and spigots from freezing.

Planting bulbs in Fall4. Fall is for planting

This time of year is the ideal time to plant shrubs and trees. The soil is cool and moist and promotes growth, giving plants a head start at setting down roots. The same goes for spring bulbs. Planting them now will give your garden some vibrant color when winter is done.

5. Fall is also for fertilizing

By adding fertilizer in late summer or early autumn, you’ll help reduce some of the stress your lawn has felt throughout the summer. Adding fertilizer in the late fall will help roots grow, prevent winter damage and ensure a greener lawn come spring.

Aerating lawn in Autumn6. Aerate your lawn

Aerating the soil beneath your lawn allows water and nutrients to get to the roots. You can use a garden fork if you have a smaller yard. If you have a larger lawn, you may want to consult with your local landscape supply store for better aeration methods.

Chrysanthemums in Autumn7. Add some color

If you have trees in your yard, their changing leaves offer you a great way to bring some color to your property. But you can enhance your outdoor colors by adding fall flowers such as mums.

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