Why It Pays to Invest in High Quality Pavers

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No one invests in hardscaping projects thinking that they’ll have to redo them in a year or two. Smart homeowners know that it pays to invest in quality materials to make improvements that will last.

It’s true for any sort of hardscaping project, whether it’s something as elaborate as putting in a backyard kitchen or installing new concrete pavers on your patio or driveway.

In this blog post, we’ll look at a few of the benefits of investing in high-quality pavers.


Belgard Lafitt Paver Style: Bella
Belgard Lafitt Bella Paver

The constant freeze-thaw cycle of winter and spring can take an unfortunate toll on asphalt driveways and concrete sidewalks.

But where these surfaces buckle, stone pavers will endure, designed to hold up against freezing winter temperatures or stray tree routes. Pavers can also withstand long-term foot traffic and tend to be more slip resistant than regular concrete or asphalt.

We should note that even the best pavers might become chipped or cracked, so consider keeping a few extra pieces from your initial installation in case you need to replace damaged pavers.

Low Maintenance

Quality concrete pavers are easy to maintain, simply a matter of sweeping away debris with a broom (or using a garden hose).

If stains form on your pavers, you can clean them with one of the stain removers specifically for pavers. However, many paver brands are constructed to be stain resistant


Available in a wide array of colors, shapes and sizes, concrete pavers are one of the most versatile ways for designing a walkway or patio or even a driveway.

A quick word on paver colors: be careful with your choices. If you know your backyard will get a lot of sunlight, you might want to pick a lighter color for pavers next to a swimming pool. Dark colors will absorb the sun and get very hot, making things uncomfortable when you step in and out of the pool.

Tone is important. Lighter shades can make your yard feel more open, and darker colors can make the same space feel nice and cozy.

Environmental Friendliness

Pool Patio Mirage Belgard

Gaps between pavers allow water to reach the soil.

With an asphalt driveway, stormwater just bounces off the surface and flows into storm drains, contributing to water pollution. But by utilizing quality pavers, the water can soak into the ground, nourishing plants and your soil. The base beneath your pavers serves as a filter, helping to reduce pollutants.

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Belgard and Cambridge offer a wide variety of pavers, whether you’re seeking an old-world look or a more contemporary style for your walkway, patio or driveway. Strong, durable and environmentally friendly, these pavers will stand the test of time.

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Interlocking Pavers: How to Do It Right

Aqua Line Pavers

It’s hard to overstate the benefits of installing interlocking paving stones.

Interlocking pavers are durable. From foot traffic on a walkway to cars going over your driveway paving stones, these pavers are designed to last for decades. They don’t absorb much water, hold up against cold weather better than asphalt, and can meet the freeze-thaw standards of colder climates.

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