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Tools of the Trade

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At Yardville Supply, we carry an extensive line of landscape, hardscape supply and masonry equipment.  We carry new and innovative tools to help you save time and money.  Below is a partial listing of some of the brands we stock.

  • Stihl gas and electric power tools
  • ESI roller compactors
  • Montolit block splitters
  • Dust-Bac HEPA silica dust vacuum systems
  • Pave Tech - Air Lift paver lifting/placement system                          
  • Dustless Dust hoods
  • Power grout guns
  • Zip Level
  • ESI Roller Paver Compactors
  • TUFX wheelbarrows
  • QuikPoint Mortar Gun
  • Kraft Mason Tools  
  • Montolit block splitters
  • Compactor anti scuff pads
  • Block and paver hammers
  • Layout square
  • Core Drills and bits
  • Diamond blades, specialty blades
  • WW Rakes and spades                                    

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