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Is your business ready for winter? Does your town have enough road salt to get through the next snowstorm?

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We never know what winter will look like before it arrives. Some years are unseasonably mild. In other years, it seems as though the snow will never end.

But one thing we do know is that it never hurts to be prepared for wintry weather, which is why Yardville Supply has dedicated itself to helping contractors, landscapers and anyone who needs to buy ice melt material in bulk.

When you’re responsible for clearing miles or roads or a massive parking lot, you know that Yrdville has you covered.

Our selection includes:

  • Mega Melt ProSlicer –Treated with a liquid deicer, ProSlicer lowers the freezing point of rock salt, eliminating the bounce normally found when applying dry rock salt.
  • Landscaper’s Choice ice melt -- Contains calcium magnesium acetate and provides a long melting life. Safe on concrete and vegetation, it offers even granulation for spreading.
  • Road Runner ice melt – A calcium chloride ice melt blend that starts to melt ice and snow upon contact. More efficient than rock salt, Road Runner is safe around vegetation when properly applied and works in temperatures as low as 15 degrees below zero.
  • Peladow snow and ice melt, which contains calcium chloride and releases heat to speed melting, making roads and parking lots safer.
  • Rock salt
  • Magnesium chloride pellet
  • Calcium chloride flakes
  • Imported calcium

Our other bulk winter materials include premix, which is a package that contains 975 pounds of salt, 25 pounds of calcium chloride ice melt and 1,000 pounds of sand. Bulk materials are available for pick-up when you buy at least one ton, and for delivery for customers purchasing at least 25 tons.

Don’t get caught off guard when the next monster storm strikes. Contact Yardville Supply to learn how we can help keep your property clear.

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